Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Steel Fabrication is a manufacturing process that shapes a piece of metal into the desired part through metal removal/deformation. Metal sheet acts as a work piece which has to be processed, as it is the basic form or raw material stock. The Metal sheet thickness varies for every piece of work part to be designed and developed. Sheet metal is available in a wide range of materials and will be used depending upon the client requirements. Some of the commonly used materials are:
Stainless steel
Sheet metal fabrication process is mostly considered into two categories, forming and cutting. Forming process is where applied force causes the material to physically deform but not to fail. These processes are able to stretch or bend the sheet into desired shape. Whereas cutting process are those in which the applied energy causes the material to be cut or removed. Laser cutting processes removes material by using light energy as heat instead of shearing forces. At our place sheet metal can be cut, bent and stretched into a nearly any shape. Material removal process can create holes and cuts in any 2 Dimensional shapes. Deformation process can bend the sheet numerous times and into different angles or stretch the sheet to create complex contours. The size of metal parts can range from a tiny washer or bracket to medium size enclosures.