6 Axis & 3 Axis Laser Cutting Machines

6 Axis & 3 Axis 2D/3D CNC Laser to process highly complex three- dimensional geometries, from flat surfaces angled in space to freeform surfaces with numerous directional surface changes, CNC Laser offers faster cuts with high precision, Improved small holes drilling in thicker material, High accuracy and repeatability.

Application Options

We can test and evaluate all your materials on our own cnc laser machine. As a result we can determine the perfect system configuration for your requirements! On our cnc laser machine you can process 2D products like sheet materials as well as 3D products with special geometry. We would be glad to receiving your material for tests. Please read on to find a list and examples of materials that can be processed by our 2D or 3D laser machine.

Processing Metals

Integrated solid state laser technology makes the Our laser machine particularly suitable for the 2D and 3D processing of a wide range of metals. The laser machine can be set up as a laser cutting and laser welding system. By using a wide range of adapted set-up laser sources (single-mode or multi-mode, fibre laser, diode laser, disk lasers or pulse lasers), and by adjusting the type of lenses, this laser system can be deployed for a wide range of processing requirements. Ideal for lasering metal, stainless steel and sheet metal in every dimension.

Benefits of Rotational Head operation ?

Non stop cutting of 2D flat sheet , 3D form components, Beveling, Trimming, H, L ,U,O Sections in Single setup. We can handle machine parts that require rotational moves, bevel or contours,.

Processing Capacity:

  • 2D sheet size: 3050x1525 mm
  • 3D Cubic workpiece: 2710x1175x300 mm
  • Max Sheet
  • Thickness: 16mm MS, 12mm SS, 6mm Al, 3mm
  • Brass
  • Max Pipe
  • Dia:300mm x 3000mm

Other facilities:

  • CNC Press Brake 160 tons
  • Mig/Tig-Arc Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Computerized dot engraving