Design & Development

Using CADCAM software tools from MAZAK Japan, we offer the facility of designing a component and manufacturing. We are striving constantly in providing innovative designs to our clients whilst keeping the manufacturing process cost effective. We can develop your Components / Profiles from all forms of technical information such as samples, templates, drawings and electronic data and can assist with the design issues. Our team will be glad to discuss with your Experts for various options at the early stages of the Product Development. To ensure client products are produced to their specifications, we use your drawings or any formats and provide first part and post processing inspection. Coupled with quick production and on time deliveries. VRL Automation has wide range of services , to provide you the right solution for your Laser cutting requirements. We have the expertise and equipment you need for virtually any Laser cutting or Metal Fabrication. With our expertise, VRL Automation provides one of the Best Services in 2D & 3D laser sheet-Tube cutting facilities in the region.